Role Play Convention (RPC)

A new trade fair event on the road to success.

The RPC is a young and innovative trade show format spanning the whole range of the fantastic genre. All genres (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, etc.) are represented over their whole range of applications (from board games to console games up to even LARP events) integrated into a new, holistic presentation concept:

The RPC is not a typical trade show with bright white lighting and tall white partioning walls. Instead, it plunges the guests into a fantasy world created by harmonious lighting setup, decorated playgrounds, walking acts and live events like live performed music acts

The RPC is for playing!

In addition to the stand and playing areas of the exhibitors, free available areas invite the guests to stay a while and play. The community idea (from gamers for gamers) is clearly emphasized here. The previous installations of the RPC clearly showed the great potential of including all the different branches and genres of the gaming world in one event. No other event has had so many computer gamers experiencing live action battles with padded weapons or live role-playing gamers in full costumes enthusiastically watching online tournaments for games like Warcraft III. The cross selling potential presented on the RPC brings a high number of new prospective customers in contact with the exhibitors and helps intensifying contacts to fans and existing customers.

Aside from casual gamers, the RPC explicitely adresses those gamers that consider gaming their major leisure time pursuit. The fandom represented by those guests treats authors, artists and games developers like stars and provides closer ties to the prod ucts and companies. Numerous tournaments and challenges as well as workshops and presentations run during the RPC, creating plenty of opportunities for these groups to connect and exchange with developers, companies and fellow gamers.

The RPC additionally supports non-profit projects with free available presentation areas. As an exhibitor on the RPC you have the opportunity to present yourself to a broad and versatile, yet gaming-eager audience.

RPC 2012 Review

RPC – The road to success

* In April 2007 the RPC opened its gates for the first time in Münster, Germany. A new
trade show for gamers of all types of fantastic games. The premiere issue convinced not only the exhibitors and gamers, drawing thousands of visitors, but caused also enthusiastic reactions by the media on this new convention and trade show concept.

* In April 2008 the RPC succeeded again, this time spread out over a larger area the RPC nearly doubled the first years success. Several thousands of visitors came to Münster to see the presentations and products of more then 130 national and international exhibitors.

* In April 2009 the RPC presented itself on new ground: The Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. Thanks to the more central location, even more visitors came to Cologne. The present infrastructure and the lager trading area supported the expanded concept of the RPC 2010 ideally.

* In April 2010 The RPC was the most and will be the most spectacular place to be for all fans of roleplaying. The fourth edition was the impressive proof.

RPC 2013 – Facts and figures

* Exhibitors from all branches of the fantastic genre (Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery)
* Distinct event character and versatile frame program
* Location Koelnmesse – an internationally renowned trade show center
* Tremendous cross selling potential
* Product sales on site
* Large gaming and event areas
* RPC-Fantasy Award – the new gaming and media award
* Leading partners in media and a strong media coverage